Sam shower

There's only us, only tonight. No day but today.

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Sam shower
I have been gone for far too long. I haven't been able to catch up the way i've wanted to but i'm trying! *smiles* I was at band camp for two weeks without the internet! *gasp* i almost went insane but i survived and i come baring gifts: a video of me singing!!! so lets see if i can get this thing to work!

the video is at camp where i received an Honors solo...which was pretty damn cool. i've been working really hard so i hope you guys like this. :D

Let My Song Fill Your Heart

alright so i can't get the pictures to work but if you look on my facebook you can see them...

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OMG Robyn congratualtions!!!
I didn't know you were so good! :)

I loved it. :D

*hugs tight*

haha well thank you! :D


omg you sound amazing!!! :D

Wow! That's incredible! It sounds great.

Aww, I was wondering where you went! I'm glad it was a good absence. :D I was starting to worry about grounding or something and removal of internet privileges. lol

The pictures are really pretty too! ♥

haha thanks! :D

yeah, i usually never get grounded (thank god) so you'll never have to worry about that. lol. but yeah, band camp is a very fun and tiring thing that takes way too long. :P i missed the computer soo freaking much while i was away.

thanks! :D

Oh, okay, good to know. :)

Haha, being away from the internet is hard! I was away for four days and I missed it. lol

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