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There's only us, only tonight. No day but today.

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so hot out the box can we pick up the pace
Adam in plaid
my life has been really boring, but i have found real life people that are as in love with David Cook, Adam Lambert, Queer as Folk, and Jensen Ackles as I am. One is a gay boy, who is beautiful btw, and the other is his bff, Casey. :P I love them. they are my new favorite people in the universe.

i hate that i haven't been on here in so long. I've lost touch with all of my friends. :( I'm still reading your lovely fanfic and keeping up with the news of Adam Lambert and David Cook, i just don't have time to comment on anything.

I'm gearing up for college in the fall, i start in October at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City! i honestly couldn't be more excited. it's New York City, who the hell wouldn't want to live there! and there are epic concerts there all the time, so fingers crossed that i finally get to see Adam Lambert tour and maybe even David Cook. :P

so i can't fall asleep anytime before 3 o'clock in the morning and it's starting to piss me off! and i've been having food cravings the past couple of nights as well, seriously wtf is wrong with me?!

i think i have finally given in to completely shipping tommy and adam. they are too presh not to and fucking hot during Fever. i can't stop it. i knew it was going to happen. i didn't want to follow everyone else but i have and i love it. Tommy is beautiful and i never thought i'd admit it...oh well, i need to stop lying to myself. :P

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