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Sam shower

There's only us, only tonight. No day but today.

so hot out the box can we pick up the pace
Adam in plaid
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it's been way too long since i've posted!!!
Adam wave

Spell your name out in songs.

B-Between the Sheet-Imogen Heap
O-One of those days-Joshua Radin
O-On your porch-the format
K-Kings and Queens-30 Seconds to Mars
E-End of the World-Matt Alber


i'm not dead!
Adam with skunk
I'm so sorry you guys. I haven't posted in a month in a half...i feel like a terrible friend. I've just been so busy with everything. My senior year is going pretty well. I have so much work though. I'm in two college courses and the rest are just sort of stupid little classes i have to take but the two college courses have huge workloads. Apart from getting all of my school work done, i've also been preparing for my SAT which is this coming Saturday...GUH!!! i'm so nervous. it's going to be so freaking hard and i just do not feel prepared for it at all...*sigh* i guess it doesn't really make a difference anyway. AND on top of all my work i have to prepare for my college auditions at my music schools. I'm applying to four universities. Two in New York City (Manhattan School of Music and Mannes New School of Music) as well as two SUNY schools (Potsdam and Fredonia). It's really hectic. I think that is stressing me out the most because the two in NYC are conservatories and i'm just really nervous about not being good enough for them. BUT i'm pretty positive i will get into the SUNY schools so at least i won't be stuck.

Have you guys been watching Glee? I'm totally obsessed with it! It's so hilarious and i just adore the characters...except for Rachael (she is a biotch). I am really starting to ship Puck/Kurt though. They are just too freaking adorable to think about...and Puck is effing sexy. Kurt is just adorable though...he makes me want to be his best friend. :P

But yes nothing too new has happened since the last time i posted. I saw the American Idol tour in August and freaking loved every goddamn moment of it. I seriously almost passed out when Adam came on the stage...legit almost passed out. lmao. but i held myself up and danced my ass off. :P I loved everyone except for stupid Megan Joy, can't stand her at all. I sat down for Danny's set...:D

Oh yes, my father might be getting a job in Ohio! I'm really excited because he's been unemployed since April 1 and he's really getting sick of not having a job and frankly so am i. It feels so terrible knowing that we do not have any money. Any money. I just sit here and want to cry all the time because it's my senior year and i want to be able to do things but i know i can't ask my parents and i'm paying for everything and i just do not make enough to pay for it all. I just hate feeling so helpless for them. BUT his interview is Tuesday in Dallas...weird i know since the job is in Cincinnati but whatevs. I just am praying to God he gets this, and it's with a really stable government company so the pay will be really good. :D This is the most random thing i've ever talked about. LMAO.

i got a crap load of new icons! they are all of course, American Idol related...most of which are of Kradam...because i'm a freaking psycho for them, and of course Adam. Can i just say how much i love Kris Allen's new single! it's so freaking catchy and his voice is just gorgeous...but i will say i am freaking the fuck out for Adam's album, it needs to be here right now!!!

I really want to go see Fame. Have any of you seen it? Was it good? it looks pretty decent but who knows.

Alright so moral of story...Brooke will never go away for that long ever again and i will probably start posting almost everyday from now on. :P LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

1 DAY!!!
Sam shower
I'm so excited you guys! I am leaving for Albany today to stay with my ex sister-in-law. AMERICAN IDOL TOUR IS TOMORROW NIGHT!!! I'm just so excited to see them all live. It's going to be sicknasty. I'm pretty sure i'm not going to have a voice once it's over but that's alright, it's totally worth it. :D and i've got really good floor seats!!! I'm so excited. I've only got $101 dollars to spend on merch, which is definitely not going to be enough but i don't get paid until next week. :/ sucky but what can you do. I'm really hoping i get to meet some of them before the concert, i know adam might be a lost cause but i would love to meet Allison, Matt, and Kris. that would be great. i will have to recap once i get home!!! or the night of the concert. :P

Oh and speaking of work...i work with two of the hottest guys i've seen in person. i'm not even kidding, they are so freaking sexy. and they flirt with me all the effing time. seriously, could my life get any better. :P (if i met adam lambert) oh well, this is going to be a trip of epicness so i will definitely leave a review for when i get back.

and can i just say my new icon is beautiful. thanks to tiang. soo gorgeous.

Well i'm off!!! I'd love to see some responses when i get to another computer. :D love ya'll *kissyface*

Sam shower
Apparently some of my family and siblings are throwing a surprise anniversary party for my parents 30th. It's going to be hectic trying to figure everything out and settle all the invites but i think it will be really nice for them to actually have a surprise for once. :D But I have to be all stealthy and invite all of these people behind their backs..i have to say, i'm very good at it. I almost think i should be a spy or something...a detective. :P

So my brother has been married for 9 years and is now getting a divorce. I have no idea why this is happening but i really love my sister-in-law and i think it's going to be really awkward because sometimes i would much rather invite her to things than my own brother. She's just very charismatic and a lot like me. I just love her to death and it just really sucks that they aren't together anymore. :( But my brother is coming home for homecoming with a new girl that he is calling his "friend", bullshit, it's obviously his girlfriend. i really don't know how i'm going to act with her but i hope i don't come off as rude or anything. I'll just have to put on my poker face and hope for the best. This might be a time when my acting skills will come in handy. :P

I am on my brand new laptop right now! It's so nice guys. I'm so pleased with it and i can finally be on here for hours and hours and hours without worrying about my parents finding out about what i've been doing. :P I still don't think they know that i read fanfic but still my computer is locked and nobody can see what i do unless they have the password. :P i love it wayy too much. i literally never want to go to bed again b/c i love the internet so much. It's so convenient to have everything right under your fingers. :D this is a time i wish i was a vampire...just saying. Speaking of vampires i'm reading the Twilight series again and loving it even more. :D oh Twilight.

Can i just say how pissed off i was at American for So you think you can dance on Thursday. Seriously, why would you even think of sending Brandon home!?! Thankfully he is safe for another week. and seriously Kayla needs to GTFO! I hate her sooo freaking much. I liked her a lot during the auditions and everything and then once the performance shows started the judges kept giving her a tongue bathing. Seriously, there are other people on the show! End of rant! :D

Sam shower
I have been gone for far too long. I haven't been able to catch up the way i've wanted to but i'm trying! *smiles* I was at band camp for two weeks without the internet! *gasp* i almost went insane but i survived and i come baring gifts: a video of me singing!!! so lets see if i can get this thing to work!

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prom night pictures!!!
Sam shower
so i was basically the hot ticket to dance with at the prom this year. lmao. it was pretty much amazing. the party we went to afterward got busted, i only had a slight buzz going. i am very tired though. but i have pictures from before prom!!!

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holy effing shit!!!!!!!
Sam shower
MY MOM BOUGHT ME TICKETS TO THE AMERICAN IDOL TOUR!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED RIGHT NOW, YOU GUYS!!! they are on the floor and everything!!!! i am seriously about to cry, i'm sooo excited! I'M GOING TO MEET ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and btw, i'm back from NYC. Lmao.
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jesus christ
Sam shower
alright i am seriously freaking out right now. so i got my wisdom teeth out tuesday, you know that. but i got all of my homework for the week on Monday so i could get it done. well what do you know today two of my classmates that were supposed to get me my work from two of my classes decided to give me my work...TODAY! i have no time to do this work. i have to watch a film for French and read ALL of scene one for Hamlet and answer study guides. i mean really, really! people are so fucking unreliable it's ridiculous. I am seriously so pissed off right now. I leave for New York City in the morning and have no time to do anything, anything! God this has just fucked up my great day, soooo much. I don't even think i will be able to sleep tonight thinking about this. JESUS CHRIST!!!!

*ends rant*

a little something i wrote last night...
Sam shower
so i was bored and felt like writing something. i know the majority of my flist hates this pairing so i apologize for putting this on your list. i will put it under so you don't have to read it. It's Kradam and it really isn't relevant i just wanted to write something. :D

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