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jesus christ
Sam shower
alright i am seriously freaking out right now. so i got my wisdom teeth out tuesday, you know that. but i got all of my homework for the week on Monday so i could get it done. well what do you know today two of my classmates that were supposed to get me my work from two of my classes decided to give me my work...TODAY! i have no time to do this work. i have to watch a film for French and read ALL of scene one for Hamlet and answer study guides. i mean really, really! people are so fucking unreliable it's ridiculous. I am seriously so pissed off right now. I leave for New York City in the morning and have no time to do anything, anything! God this has just fucked up my great day, soooo much. I don't even think i will be able to sleep tonight thinking about this. JESUS CHRIST!!!!

*ends rant*

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oh no, that's bad... but I'm sure you'll make it hun!


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