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Sam shower

There's only us, only tonight. No day but today.

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prom night pictures!!!
Sam shower
so i was basically the hot ticket to dance with at the prom this year. lmao. it was pretty much amazing. the party we went to afterward got busted, i only had a slight buzz going. i am very tired though. but i have pictures from before prom!!!

side view

back view for the hair.

front view

sitting in my mom's shop

me and my prom date, Gavin.

me and my best friend with her prom date.

the group. most of them were seniors, just me, my best friend, and Gavin were juniors. lol.

another group one
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omg your dress is ABSOLUTELY stunning!

aw thank you! i really loved it. it was definitely the most classic dress at prom this year. :D

OMG you look beautiful hun!
the dress is amazing!! :D

aw thank you! i really love that dress. :D

Ooo! You look so lovely, darling!

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