Sam shower

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Sam shower
Apparently some of my family and siblings are throwing a surprise anniversary party for my parents 30th. It's going to be hectic trying to figure everything out and settle all the invites but i think it will be really nice for them to actually have a surprise for once. :D But I have to be all stealthy and invite all of these people behind their backs..i have to say, i'm very good at it. I almost think i should be a spy or something...a detective. :P

So my brother has been married for 9 years and is now getting a divorce. I have no idea why this is happening but i really love my sister-in-law and i think it's going to be really awkward because sometimes i would much rather invite her to things than my own brother. She's just very charismatic and a lot like me. I just love her to death and it just really sucks that they aren't together anymore. :( But my brother is coming home for homecoming with a new girl that he is calling his "friend", bullshit, it's obviously his girlfriend. i really don't know how i'm going to act with her but i hope i don't come off as rude or anything. I'll just have to put on my poker face and hope for the best. This might be a time when my acting skills will come in handy. :P

I am on my brand new laptop right now! It's so nice guys. I'm so pleased with it and i can finally be on here for hours and hours and hours without worrying about my parents finding out about what i've been doing. :P I still don't think they know that i read fanfic but still my computer is locked and nobody can see what i do unless they have the password. :P i love it wayy too much. i literally never want to go to bed again b/c i love the internet so much. It's so convenient to have everything right under your fingers. :D this is a time i wish i was a vampire...just saying. Speaking of vampires i'm reading the Twilight series again and loving it even more. :D oh Twilight.

Can i just say how pissed off i was at American for So you think you can dance on Thursday. Seriously, why would you even think of sending Brandon home!?! Thankfully he is safe for another week. and seriously Kayla needs to GTFO! I hate her sooo freaking much. I liked her a lot during the auditions and everything and then once the performance shows started the judges kept giving her a tongue bathing. Seriously, there are other people on the show! End of rant! :D


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