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1 DAY!!!
Sam shower
I'm so excited you guys! I am leaving for Albany today to stay with my ex sister-in-law. AMERICAN IDOL TOUR IS TOMORROW NIGHT!!! I'm just so excited to see them all live. It's going to be sicknasty. I'm pretty sure i'm not going to have a voice once it's over but that's alright, it's totally worth it. :D and i've got really good floor seats!!! I'm so excited. I've only got $101 dollars to spend on merch, which is definitely not going to be enough but i don't get paid until next week. :/ sucky but what can you do. I'm really hoping i get to meet some of them before the concert, i know adam might be a lost cause but i would love to meet Allison, Matt, and Kris. that would be great. i will have to recap once i get home!!! or the night of the concert. :P

Oh and speaking of work...i work with two of the hottest guys i've seen in person. i'm not even kidding, they are so freaking sexy. and they flirt with me all the effing time. seriously, could my life get any better. :P (if i met adam lambert) oh well, this is going to be a trip of epicness so i will definitely leave a review for when i get back.

and can i just say my new icon is beautiful. thanks to tiang. soo gorgeous.

Well i'm off!!! I'd love to see some responses when i get to another computer. :D love ya'll *kissyface*


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